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AngularJS Overview

Why Angularjs

Angular JS is opersource web application framework and growing very fast now days.

Most of companies are adopting this framework for UI development as time to production is less.

Below are advantages of AngularJs

  1. Easy to create single page application.
  2. Easy to test code
  3. Provides data binding capabilities
  4. Easy to integrate with rest web services
  5. Complex UI can be done easily and can be reused as component .
  6. Data handling is easy with pojo classes in typescript
  7. Type scripts gives lot many out of box futures
  8. Angular JS provides many easy to use features like services,components,pipe,dependency injection, validators..etc

Whats Other Technologies like Angularjs

Below are kind of competitors of angularjs in UI world

  • React.
  • Vue.js
  • Backbone.
  • Ext JS
  • Ember

Official Site Of Angular Js


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