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Angular JS Workspace Configuration Files

Angular JS project is having multiple files in it.In this post we will understand their types and importance of them.

First look at project structure in below image then will see all files in detail

In Above image there are two types of files

  • Workspace configuration files
  • Application project files

These files is having different kind of purpose to help angular js application to run ,compile and test successfully

Workspace configuration files

Below are workspace configuration files


This file holds details used by editor which helps to maintain consistent coding styles across different editors and developers


This file having list of all files and folder which needs to be excluded from angularjs project while checking in to repostitory

This file is acting as document for angular js applicaiton which will have alld etails about application and its usability.


This file holds all configuration details to angular js application whcih will help to run different commands like build,run ..etc


This is having all below details

  1. scripts
  2. Dependencies use for application
  3. Application basic details
  4. Dev dependencies which is used for development only.


This holds details about version information for all packages installed into node_modules


This folder is having all application source which will get compiled and run.


This folder holds all dependencies related to your application.When you run npm install all dependencies will get downloaded to this folder.


This file hold TypeScript configuration details which will helpful to run typescript project and follow all standards ,it also specifies the root files and the compiler options required to compile the project.

For more details please refer :


This files holds all linting details which will he used by ng lint command to check format.This can be used to analyse typescript code if it is as per standard or not.

For more details please refer:

All these files are getting used to manage configuration of entire workspace .One workspace can have multiple projects or multiple libraries in it .


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