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Types of Project you can Create with AngularJS

Types of angular js projects

If you don’t know angular project creation then please refer below link first


1 Library project

With Angular Js you can create libraries which can be easily imported in other angularjs projects and used.

This gives you advantage to reuse code or put boilerplate code in common library that can be used repetitively in different project

Below Command is getting used to create library in angular js

ng generate library my-lib

Below is example of structure of library project

2. Multiple Projects

Angularjs given you option to create workspace which can hold multiple small projects including libraries which give you tremendous advantage to manage your source code efficiently.

ng new my-workspace --createApplication="false"
cd my-workspace
ng generate application my-first-app
ng generate application my-second-app
ng generate library my-lib

As shown in above command you can create workspace first

ng new my-workspace –createApplication=”false”

then go to workspace

cd my-workspace

Now create your first application in workspace

ng generate application my-first-app

Now create your Second application in workspace

You can also create library in workspace with below command

ng generate library my-lib.

Below is project strucutre of workspace

3. Angular JS Application

This is most common way to use angularjs most of beginners straight away creates project with angular with this type of project.

This will create workspace with your angularjs project and all necessary things will be configured so you can directly start coding with this appraoch.

Lets see how to create it

Create a workspace and initial application

  ng new my-app

Run the application

cd my-app  
ng serve --open

Below is project structure for this kind of project


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