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Gradle Basics

Publish Build Scans

You can publish your build and details that will provide with you with the insights of what happened when you ran the build. The build are published to a centralized server. How to publish When you run the gradle build, pass the parameter –scan with the build. This will deploy the build to the centralized…

Gradle – Task

A Gradle build is made up of tasks. Each task represents a set of instructions to gradle for execution. A task might consist of compiling classes, copying files from source derectory to destination. A simple task is defined below. put the above code in a build.gradle file and execute gradle hello, it should print helloworld.…

Java Gradle Dependency management

One of the key feature of the build is managing the dependencies in the project. If we have to use a third party library, we declare that library in the build file i.e. build.gradle and then expect the build tool to download the library and put in the classpath of our project for consumption. Let…


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