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Angular JS Project Structure

Angular JS project is having multiple files in it.In this post we will understand their types and importance of them.

In Above image there are two types of files

  • Workspace configuration files
  • Application project files

Workspace configuration file

workspace are having below files

  1. .editorconfig
  2. .gitignore
  4. angular.json
  5. package.json
  6. package-lock.json
  7. node_modules/
  8. src/
  9. tsconfig.json
  10. tslint.json

Application project files

There are again different types of files which are getting used to code,test ,run and deploy applications in angular js

Below mentioned folders are clearly mentioned in above image and it also has other files in it

  1. source
  2. configuration
  3. End-to-end test

We will cover them in details in upcoming posts which will help you to get more details about configuration files .


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